Mom Signs Mila Up For Preschool And Her Rundown Of The First Day Has Everyone In Splits

One of the first complaints the little 2-year-old has is that she wanted to go to law school, NOT preschool. But mommy said she was too young, so preschool it had to be. When she gets there, she was obviously expecting some discipline and manners (like come on, the girl wanted to be in law school y’all, and we all know law school etiquette). Things were actually quite the opposite of what she thought it would be.

She recalls kids running around everywhere, pooping anywhere they’d like, and the teacher asking Dave no to pee on his friends. Little Mila’s reaction to this entire episode is absolutely priceless! So cute. She says that things got so bad in the classroom, that she had to take matters into her own hands. And listen to what she does to calm everyone down—genius!

Nonetheless, this sassy 2-year-old survived to tell the tale of her first day at preschool and it something you’re going to wanna watch over and over again.

Click on the link below and see Mila run through her day at school. If you got a good laugh like we did, then don’t forget to like and share this post with family and friends!

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