This Baby Is Pulling On The Rescue Cat’s Leg And The Internet In Stitches

Lemisie, a proud owner of a newly adopted kitty, was nervous when she brought home her new feline friend. She was afraid that her newborn wouldn’t react positively towards the cat and vice versa. Of course, she slowly introduced the two and hoped that her little one would like, or even love, the new addition to the family as much as she did.

So the question now on everyone’s lips: How did the pair get on? Absolutely swimmingly, thank goodness! In the video below, you’ll see the adorable little toddler sitting comfortably with his new furry friend. The baby leans in towards it, and the cat licks his head sweetly. The toddler, enjoying every minute of it, persists to lay near the cat, feeling its love and warm energy. It’s a treat to see and a wonderful outcome!

See the video below, you’ll surely have a little giggle or two and perhaps utter a few, “aww’s” while you’re at it! And if you’ve loved this sweet video as much as we have, be sure to like and share it with your friends and family.

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