Pit Bull Waits For UPS Driver Everyday, But Then His Owner Dies, And The Two Become Family

UPS driver, Katie, talks about one of her favorite delivery spots: a home in California with a friendly owner and an even friendlier pup named Leo. But after Leo’s owner passed away, he was left without a home, which made the entire situation even harder for some to bear.

But when Katie heard the sad news, she knew that she had to step in to give lovely Leo a second home that he could flourish in. And so, she did just that! She introduced him to her existing pets, and says that they get along swimmingly! Leo is, indeed, happy once again.

“He loves going for rides, the water, playing with his chew toys, tormenting his two feline sisters, laying in the sun, he has NO concept of personal space. Leo likes to be on us or right beside us! What a character,” says Katie, Leo’s proud new owner.

So while we give our deepest condolences to Leo’s first mom’s family and friends, we are grateful that Katie has managed to bring a sense of happiness and belonging to Leo once again.

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