18 Years Later, She Reunites With Chimps She Saved From A Life of Horror

I imagine that Linda was frightened as well. She was also young and inexperienced and most likely felt the pressures of her job. She was completely responsible for these two lives and their happiness.

Linda spent four years with Doll and Swing. She took them from the timid and frightened chimpanzees of the first day to confident adults with the skills and confidence to live in a natural habitat. When their transition was finished, it was time for Linda to move on and help other animals. She never forgot about Doll and Swing, but many wondered if they had forgotten about her.

Fast-forward 18 years and Linda stops in to visit with her old friends. She is initially cautious—Doll and Swing are now large, mostly wild animals who could be dangerous or aggressive. But, there is no need to worry. The two chimpanzees definitely did not forget the amazing woman who completely changed their lives all those years ago.

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