Man Begins To Play Piano, Then Entire Concert Hall Breaks Into A Flash Mob Mid Performance

So just how did he pull it all off? First, he steps onto the stage with a somewhat nervous disposition. Simon chats to him briefly, and then off he goes to sit behind the piano. He starts to play a beautiful rendition of Queen’s, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now,’ but after a few moments, a violinist appears on stage. Shortly after that, more instrumentalists in the crowd stand up to join in. Then, an entire row of the balcony begins singing. Heck, there’s even a man on the electric guitar, if you can believe it!

The performance is amazing, and Bryant deserves major props for bringing it all together! In fact, he has an astonishing 16 million views on YouTube alone! But no words will do this majestic and well-prepared scene justice; you simply must see the video below to believe it!

Give it a watch and notice how your smile starts to appear and your heart fills with warmth. It truly is a magical moment indeed. If you’ve loved it, don’t forget to like and share it with your friends and family—especially those who are avid “Britain’s Got Talent” fans!

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