Guilty Toddler Blames Sister For Mess She Made And Everyone Is In Stitches

Mom, obviously, decided to record the moment that she confronts her little tot about the situation; she discovers that Abigail has something to say about the whole deal! It didn’t seem like the little girl was at all concerned about what she did until mom says that they’re going to have to tell daddy about this ordeal. That is when Abigail jumps to her defense! And it’s the cutest thing ever.

Instead of taking on the blame, she says that it was someone else who opened the tub of lotion and made the mess; this “someone else” is none other than her sister! To avoid getting in trouble, Abigail innocently blames her sister and tries to get out of the entire situation. It’s quite cute! Now, we just wonder how her sister feels about this whole thing!

We told you the two sisters would have a funny tale to tell when they got older.

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