Singing Dog Smashes Michael Jackson’s Hit Song In This Hilarious Video!

While driving, Melissa puts on a song by Michael Jackson called, “Will You Be There.” As soon as the first chord is struck, Honey immediately starts to sing along. It’s completely clear that she simply loves the tune and can’t help but show the world.

Is her singing any good? Well, that’s a question to answer another day. Rather, focus on the amazing reaction that Honey has to this song because it really is something else. Michael is not only the king of pop and adored by humans worldwide, but also a great inspiration to dogs too. Who would have known?

Do you have a singing pup? Or perhaps you’ve noticed your pet enjoying a beat or two? If so, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Also, this dog is too cute not to share with your family and friends. So click on the video below, check her out, and send it along!

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