The Beautiful Secret is about writing for the love of music, not about writing to be popular, or to fit into a commercial pocket. Story-telling and music is about being authentic and passionate without succumbing to the manufactured demands of a music business run predominantly by business heads, not music lovers.

The story begins back in 2011 when Rachael Hawnt had the idea to create an edgy, modern musical based on a troubled pop star who was on the decline from fame and fortune, abused by her aggressive boyfriend and sporadically forced into unusual, colourful dreams where reality stops and fantasy begins.

Having the script well and truly on the way, Rachael was on the lookout for a collaborator that could help bring her compositions to life. After numerous recommendations from friends and work colleagues, Rachael contacted Ash Cutler, a singer/songwriter and producer, to begin arranging and recording the songs that were to feature in the musical dreamscapes.

Work on the musical forged a strong working relationship between Rachael and Ash and it was quite clear that working together was the way forward.

It wasn’t until two years later when the duo decided to begin writing songs for themselves. They had spent a great deal of their time writing library music and developing their craft as a collaborative force. Ash says, “In the beginning we were just working on everybody else’s music, then the penny dropped and we realised it was time for us to do our own thing.”

Throughout 2013 and 2014, Ash and Rachael began work on what was to become their debut album. Although it was a creative time, it proved more difficult to find the time they wanted on it. Rachael says, “The songs were just coming out of us but we barely had time to actually get into the studio and record them. We were both involved with so many other projects, and because we were completely self-funded we had to work every hour we could”.

Finally, by the beginning of 2015 the album was complete and all that was left to do was find a way for people to hear it. The collection of 10 tracks have the feeling of a concept album. The subject matters deal with so many human emotions, from love to hate, greed to lust, insecurities to personal issues.

One of the tracks ‘What’s Inside’ was written about Rachael’s niece Katie-Rae who suffers with Asperger Syndrome, which is a form of Autism. It is to be the first single released from the album and all profits to be donated to the National Autistic Charity in an attempt to raise awareness of this condition that has been ignored and misunderstood for a long time.

One fan of the album is movie producer Steven Evans, (‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’, ‘The Madness of King George’, ‘Henry V’, ‘Seve’) who upon hearing the strength of the duo’s song-writing has offered them the opportunity to write the score for his new feature film ‘George Best The Movie’ which is going into production late 2017.

With a host of live dates and a new album on the horizon, The Beautiful Secret are more excited than ever to share their passion of music and creativity with everyone. “We are so thrilled with the feedback we have had with our music so far” says Ash. “It just fills us with more and more determination and we can’t wait to see where The Beautiful Secret will take us.”

Ash Cutler and Rachael Hawnt, Photo by Alan Robertson